January 2, 2016

UPDATE: ONE AS OF 45 min ago…
Main note… She is stable now, still in ICU and anti fungal medication has been re-started
Paytan has a bacterial blood infection.
So, there are a few different causes. One has not been confirm to be THE cause yet.
#1. Because any open sore is a potential source of infection… She could have got the blood infection from the sores on her mouth OR her bum.
#2. Her portacath is accessed every 4 weeks. This potentially could have been compromised during I.V. Chemo…. The infection would have started in the port line and when it was accessed the next time, the “flush” of fluid would have dislodged the infection causing it to enter her heart and be pumped through her blood.
#3. Being a cancer patient her immune system is compromised. She could have picked up a bacterial cold that because her immune is weak, settled in her liver/kidneys.

Ok… the blood work shows:
that she is neurotrophic…. On the very low side.
Shows that her body has produced the by-product called lactate.(released by decaying tissue in the body) which is cleared through her liver. Thus causing her liver to be “stressed”.
She became severely dehydrated over the previous 12 hours from throwing up & pooping continuously
DEFINITELY has a blood infection… Port site and I.V. Site show same bacteria
CT Scan shows
fluid in her liver (enlarged)
No extra legions in her liver than before
She has gall stones – but stones are not blocking anything
Shows the beginning stages of typhlitis in her esophagus, stomach (why she has had severe indigestion) and lower bowel (typhilitis is the chemo sores inside her digestive track) This condition is what she had Oct 2014, that caused her bowels to bleed
Concern…. She is jaundice. And her levels have doubled since this afternoon’s bloodwork. This is being looked into… As her levels can cause her to become toxic.. * not good