Dental Surgery and Opthamologist 12/2/14

Busy day today for Paytan… We actually went down to O.R. At 9:30 am. The doctors gowned me up and I was able to go into the O.R. Area with Paytan and help get her onto the stretcher. I stayed with her until they gave her the sleeping medicine.
Dental operation went very well… Although they were not able to save her teeth for the tooth fairy. The dentist & assistant said they would send up a special little box with a note for the tooth fairy 🙂
During the dental procedure, Paytan was able to have another IV put into her hand, while she was asleep. this was a very good thing,
as we will need the IV for the newly added CT scan & MRI tomorrow. Worked out great.
Also booked for tomorrow is an echocardiogram of her heart

And this afternoon we had the ophthalmologist come to us in our room. He did his exam and gave Paytan’s eyes a CLEAN BILL OF HEALTH!!! NO infection in her eyes!!
Doctors have decided to put Paytan back on the first anti fungal medication. With this medication, she still had the fevers, but they were not as high.
Her hemoglobin has dropped significantly after the first doses of chemo last night… So she will be getting blood tonight before the next doses.

It's only a BAD DAY if you say it is