December Update 2014

So… To catch everyone up on the schedule for this week…
Yesterday we were to have an MRI, however, there was an emergency and we were rescheduled to Wednesday.
This MRI is going to be of Paytan’s neck area where her port line goes into her artery (leading to her heart). On the ultra sound we had last Friday, it showed that she has a blood clot associated with her port line. Because of our experience with bleeding, Paytan will not be receiving a blood thinner.. But this MRI to get a better look at this for the best plan of action. Also the MRI is being used to look at the muscles of Paytan’s neck, to see if there are any signs of infection In the muscles. If so, this could be a source for the fevers…. ??
That’s on Wednesday.
Today… @ 11:30 am to 1:45 pm Paytan is having dental surgery to remove 3 baby teeth that are getting loose. They want to remove these teeth while her counts and levels are high minimizing the risk of infections and bleeding.
Then… At 3pm today, she has an ophthalmology appointment. They are checking her eyes for any signs of the fungal infection that is in her liver. Also a possible cause for her fevers….??
And… Then later We’d/Thurs/Fri… She will be having a scan of her heart… Also checking for infection … Again, possible spot causing fevers…?
as of Friday last week, she was taken off the 2 antibiotics… In the hopes that the fevers stopped (mYbr reacting to these meds). BUT… nope… The fevers have continued at the same times day & night… And have come on fast & high.
This week will be busy… Hopefully, productive in solving the fever dilemma.
Through all of this…. We have started our next phase of chemo (late yesterday afternoon), we have the next two weeks to get through of chemo every day.

It's only a BAD DAY if you say it is