August 26, 2016

Today, August 26th, 2016… is the day I finally reached a quietness in my soul to lay my daughter’s ashes to rest.

A wonderful gentleman offered his woodworking services to make a container for my daughter’s ashes. Above is the beautifully hand made wooden box I received on behalf of my daughter.

I honestly, thought hard about what I wanted to happen when I laid my baby to rest… and I truly wanted it to be a time of her family and close school friends to be able to say their final good-bye here on earth.  I extended an offer to each of the children to write a note, make a picture or bring a  trinket that reminded them of their friendship with Paytan… or an opportunity for them to say their own personal good-byes their way. Each one of their gifts were put into the velvet bag and into the wooden container and buried with her ashes.  My words consisted of a heartfelt thankfulness to everyone attending, and their overwhelming extension of love to my daughter and my family.  I shared some funny stories and a special note I wrote my Paytan after we had had a minor disagreement.   My note was an apology to her for being upset and an affirmation of my love from the time she was born and beyond her passing.  Never in a million years did I ever suspect that my words would echo so loudly in my heart.

It's only a BAD DAY if you say it is