Trunk full of Craft Supplies

I was able to pay the price of the tshirts and had money to buy crafting materials! Yay!!
Hailey and I got the goodies today for CHEO 4 North….
And thank you Teena, Tammy and Ashley for the extras 🙂
Thank you everyone… heading to CHEO this week to drop everything off…. I will post more pics then.
Thank you to everyone for your support and wonderfully kind words …. xoxox

Hatrunk-of-craftsiley and I delivered our trunk load of “gifts” to 4North playroom yesterday evening.
They were very grateful & expressed their thankfulness.
To all that helped me be able to give a little back to such beautiful group of children on 4N & a wonderful & dedicated group of nurses and Child life workers……. THANK YOU
I’m sorry I have no pictures, as it was a super emotional experience for me to be back on 4N in almost a year.
There were a tone of hugs and a lot of tears.
Words of encouragement and a LOT of love!
Thank you to all who participated with me in this step forward. Xoxo


It's only a BAD DAY if you say it is