Thank you cont.

Well, where do I start? Last night absolutely rocked! Everyone was so generous with their bidding and support. Amazing! The Sports Club did an absolutely wonderful job with everything, can’t thank them enough.What an amazing spirit of community they have. With their hard work we raised $10,000 for Paytan and her family last night!!!!!Keri McEwen's photo.

I just want to say that the club is run completely by volunteers who give so much to make good things happen for local sports, etc. Without knowing it your child, nephew, grandson may have benefitted from a donation from them in some way. Let’s support them by becoming members and help them to continue to spread their generosity in our community. Memberships are only $25/person or $35/couple for the year, and they have tons of events all the time; from trivia nights to dances to fundraisers, to a Christmas party for the kids.

I was so happy to see Keri and Mike yesterday, and thank you, Joe, for sitting with the girls so they could have an evening out.

So many people have reached out in big ways and small, asking how they can help the family. I get emails, texts, messages through facebook absolutely every day from people who want to do what they can. Last night was a collaborative effort of so many people that I can’t begin to thank them one-by-one, but please know that it doesn’t go unnoticed or unappreciated. I’ve said that before and truly mean it. You guys have truly made this Christmas season special for me, and it’s such a good feeling to know that there are so many caring people out there willing to help those in need.

-Brandy Duke-
Dec 7/14

It's only a BAD DAY if you say it is