About ME

12717706_10153828353511125_8214737342322434074_nHi there! My name is Keri …I grew up in a small town outside Ottawa. I lived there through my pre-school years to just before my College days.

I attended college in Kingston, ON and took Graphic Design. I was married but now a widow. I am a proud momma of two beautiful daughters.

My little sister passed away at the age of three (when I was six years old) of a violent accident. My late husband passed away in 2011 (after 20 years of marriage) from massive complications of Type 1 Diabetes.  My oldest passed away at 11 years old (from extreme complications of Leukemia) and my youngest has just turned double digits, 10 years old.  My Life has been probably similar to most of you. However, I have had a few more challenges to live and deal with over the years. But… there has also been joy and beauty.  I would Like to share with you, not specifically the “technical”, or “medical” side of diabetes and leukemia, but the personal side… Loving, Living, Helping and Loosing … And my journey through.

My goal is not to incite your pity or invoke your critical comments…. But to hopefully give you glimpse to my world and interaction of these very personal diseases. I will give you links to the sites that helped me when I was researching and trying to understand. And I will list out questions that maybe you hadn’t thought of, if you should ever find yourself, or a loved one in these circumstances. Which I pray you don’t.  My motto is my daughter’s.……..“It’s only a BAD DAY if you say it is.”

It's only a BAD DAY if you say it is