Dialysis – Not for the faint of heart

Layout of dialysis tray – preparation and getting all the tools

Roger’s left arm, featuring “AV Fistula”. A fistula is the surgical joining of an artery to a vein creating a large vascual access. This allows blood to flow in and out of the same vessel.



Our “dialysis unit….. a.k.a. Blood sucking nag!!!





Cannulation of the arterial vessel . . not the size of the needle!!!! 15 gage. for those not familiar with the size . . .consider a medium size framing nail.


Half way there . . . whooaaa livin’ on a prayer!! (no spray of blood . .. yiippee)



Completely inserted.





Checking the line to make sure there is blood flow.




Cannulation of the venous vessel. AGAIN . . . note the needle size!!!




Completely inserted and ready to be taped.



Blood leak detector . . .the blue and yellow thingy . . .this basically screams at us if Rog “springs a blood leak”.


Rog!!! All ready to be hooked up to the machine.


It's only a BAD DAY if you say it is