April 8, 2016


This is the plaque that will be hung in the Bobby Ryan box.             Your picture and the words you kept in your pocket to read after chemo…..

“It’s only a bad day if you say it is”
“In Loving Memory”
of Paytan




In honour of Paytan’s Birthday, April 8th, 2016, Kelsey and Bobby Ryan wanted to do something nice for us. They arranged a supper in the Canadian club lounge before the game, awesome seats behind the net and Hailey and Mike got to ride in the Dodge truck at first intermission. And we got to hang out with Bobby Ryan after the game . This guy is a genuine great guy!.. He had heard about Paytan and her battle and wanted to do something nice for us. Bobby and Kelsey had a plaque made of Paytan to be hung in the Bobby Ryan box! 

Happy Birthday My Beautiful Baby!!!!
Today you would be 12 years old.
In honour of your birthday and from a couple of very wonderful people, Kelsey and Bobby Ryan, we spent last night at a great Ottawa Senators’ game! We had dinner before at the Canadian Club. And after the game we hung out with Bobby. He gave us a cool tour!!
And the most amazing part…. They had a plaque made in honour of you!!!
The note you wrote to keep you going after chemo…. Is displayed along with your photo… “It’s only a bad day if you say it is”.
In your honour….This plaque is being hung in the Bobby Ryan box.
Thank you so very much Kelsey Underwood & Bobby Ryan and all who made last night so very special!!


It's only a BAD DAY if you say it is