Today, picking Hailey up from school… she had a memory that she shared with me …
She was 6 years old and Paytan was 8. They were sitting on Paytan’s bed and Hailey was crying because she had just realized that when Paytan was in grade 6 and she was in grade 4 that it would be Paytan’s last year in the same school as her. And that, Hailey said scared her a lot … Paytan hugged Hailey and told her that that time would be a long time away from then and it would be ok …
Hailey and I both had a good cry, because little did we know that Hailey’s fears back then were bigger than we truly knew!

We love you and miss you Paytan!

HAPPY 13th BIRTHDAY Sunshine

🎉🎂 Happy 13th Birthday my Sunshine!! 🎂🎉

We laid flowers on your grave today… and cried a lot because we miss you! I know you are in a far better place and probably having races around Heaven with your Daddy. Your sweet smile and the sound of your giggles will forever be in my ❤️. Your sister and I are watching your favourite show today… Bones… 😊

❤ I love you more than words can ever say ❤