Camp Quality 2015 & 2016

There is a camp … Camp Quality that has given their time and love to open their hearts to a group of children who have lived lifetimes in a short amount of time!!  Camp Quality has open the doors to these special children to be able to be children and not to have to worry about doctors, nurses, chemo etc… they are allowed to experience life as a kid should.

2015 August – Camp Quality    Paytan got to go fishing for the first time!


Paytan caught a fish! Let me hold him still for you

oooohhhh no! He Jumped!!



Paytan also went Rock Wall climbing!  She was the fastest climber out of all the campers!  I am very grateful for this camp and all involved.  Looking back now, I am very glad I looked past my motherly fear of letting my daughter go and be taken care of by others in a camp setting.  Because she had a blast!


2016 – Camp Quality invited Paytan’s Sister Hailey to come back to camp.

I’m happy and sad all at once… Hailey’s is leaving for camp for a week. The camp that Paytan And Hailey went to last year… Invited Hailey to join them this year.
I’m so glad she has the opportunity to experience the fun of camp and meeting new friends… Along with re-uniting with old friends made last year.
It is bitter sweet not to have Paytan here to enjoy camp… I know she is in the hearts of all who remembers her.

Hailey got to meet the Ottawa RedBlacks!


It's only a BAD DAY if you say it is