Dialysis – Not for the faint of heart ..cont.

Dialysis machine “pre-blood in the lines” . . . too bad you can’t add sound to photos . .. this is a noisy machine. Along with the water fliltration rig . . . .and the glow of the screen . . . . lovely!!!




This is the whole shot. Dialysis machine on the left and the filtration rig. Takes up a lot of space.




Connecting to the lines of the dialysis machine.




In the bottom right of the photo is the dialyzer . . . aka. artificial kidney. My 3 year old took this to preschool for show and tell. When ever one else brought teddy bears and colouring books . . .Dr. Paytan is in the hoooouuuussseeee.


  Connecting the other line and checking it is secure.




Blood is starting to flow through the lines.







Note the colour of the lines on the left of the photo . . .yep . . .that’s blood!!! At this point we put Ozzy Osbourn “blood bath in paradise” on the stereo for a little motivation. LOL!!!



More blood flowing through the lines . .. first air detector checks out GOOD!!!
Second air detector checks out GOOD!
Increase blood flow to 300 mls/minute.
Artificial kidney has the blood!!!
Machine off and running . . . numbers check out. No alarms or blood spray!! We’re good to go!!! 150 litres of blood is cleaned during every dialysis session.
 Home screen. Showing venous arterial and TMP pressures. Also ultra filtration rate (amount of water removed from blood per hour in mLAs well as blood pressure, dialysisate temperature and conductivity level.   
Daddy and Paytan . . . ready to watch a movie!!

It's only a BAD DAY if you say it is