It’s been a while…

I know it was a long time ago that you left this world… we were both so very little. I remember how you called by your special name for me, I remember us playing with dad and the cardboard box as a slide, I remember your giggles. I often think about you, wonder what you would be like, what your interests would have been. But for some reason today… maybe the smell of the rain, sound of the thunder… makes me miss you.
I was taking pictures today, oh yes, of bugs (please tell Paytan, mommy and Hailey are at it again, Lol)… I was also taking a few picture of the flowers we planted earlier… of course I got marigolds…. and yes I did also get some chives😁😁…
I never noticed before… but in the petals of the marigolds I saw something special, three heart wrapped close together… special to me.. cuz it was in your flowers petals… and on today. … your birthday. You would have been 47 this year.
I miss all three of you.
❤️ Susan Kotsovos 1972-1976
❤️ Roger McEwen 1968-2011
❤️ Paytan McEwen 2004-2016