T-shirts and Stickers Available

Hi Everyone, we are approaching Christmas and then….. my first year anniversary of loosing my Baby-Girl Paytan.
I’ve had a lot of people ask me where I got the sticker on the back of my van…. it’s been a great way to share Paytan with those who ask. I’ve also had people ask where to get the sticker.
So, I thought what a great way to share my baby’s positivity.
I have had stickers and some t-shirts made.
With the money I plan to purchase craft materials for the playroom at CHEO…. and some newer movies.
If you would like to help spread some love and positivity….. and help me give back to CHEO….tshirt

I have 25 stickers for vehicles…. $10/each And I have 25 large child shirts ….$20/each And 25 large adult t-shirts …. $25/each You can message me on Facebook, email me or call me. I should have the stickers end of this week and t-shirt the following.
Thank you Everyone for the support and encouraging words you have sent, shared and hugged me and my family with. You have no idea how much it means to us…


Update:  I was able to pay the price of the t-shirts and had money to buy crafting materials! Yay!!
Hailey and I got the goodies today for CHEO 4 North….
And thank you Teena, Tammy and Ashley for the extras 🙂
Thank you everyone… heading to CHEO this week to drop everything off…. I will post more pics then.
Thank you to everyone for your support and wonderfully kind words …. xoxox

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