My First Born – Paytan Faith

Paytan is my daughter… due April 6th 2004 … she decided to wait a couple more days and make her appearance on April 8th 2004.

She was my beautiful first born baby girl! Absolutely Beautiful. paytan-preschoolInside and out! She had the most wonderful personality. She loved to giggle and smile. She was always happy and eager to please. She was always looking for ways to help and would never like to see anyone unhappy. Her heart was gold. She wanted the best for everyone and always saw that there was more to a person than their “bad day”.

There was a little boy in school with Paytan. He had some difficulties fitting in from some behavioural issues. In fact he ended up getting kicked out of school a few times because of his behaviour. This one particular day, I came to pick up Paytan from school. I walked around by her door to see some children in the school yard yelling.

I looked more closely and the children were yelling at this one child to leave the other child alone. As this child pushed the other one down to the ground…. I realized the one on the ground was my Paytan. I darted out to them and scooped up Paytan. I turn very quickly at the little boy and sternly let him know that his behaviour was unacceptable. And that if he chose to do this again. I would be speaking to the school principal. I walked away, carrying my then crying little girl and made sure she was alright. Once cleaned up and finished crying… Paytan’s response was that this little boy just needed some friends. That he wasn’t a bad boy… just needed someone to be nice to him. And that she was. By the middle of the school year, this little boy and my daughter were friends. And he no longer would yell at her or push her down. In fact, they actually played very nicely together. And he was invited to her birthday party.

Paytan always saw or looked for the positive side of any circumstance she was in.

I think this all started way back with my late husband and myself. As he was a brittle diabetic and was experiencing so very many side effects of diabetes.

When Paytan was in kindergarten, she was a hero! Her late father was having a low blood sugar reaction and actually passed out on the living room floor. They had been outside enjoying the sunny day and were coming in for lunch. My late husband came in first to set up the living room for Paytan and her little sister Hailey (just one year old)… Paytan waiting patiently outside with the door open watching her sister and waiting to hear her daddy call to come inside. He never did. So, Paytan picked up her little sister and carried her into the house, up a small set of stairs and into the house. Once inside she realized her daddy was not awake. She put her sister down on a blaket on the floor and proceeded to shake her daddy. He still didn’t wake up. So she took his cell phone off his belt and pushed the button to call for mommy. I answered and we talked. She explained what had happened and that she couldn’t wake him up. She also said that she pulled the “wire” out of his side for his insulin pump. As we were talking, she had the house phone in her other hand. She dialed 9-1-1. I had told her to wait while I dialed on the other line at work for the ambulance. I was shocked when the attendant on the phone told me she was on the phone with my daughter already. 🙂 So, I told the lady I was leaving work and on my way home. When I got home, EVERYONE was there! Fire, police, ambulance and a tonne of neighbours. Upon entering my house, there was Paytan telling the ambulance attendant where all the pills were for her father. She was amazing!! She got a ribbon at school for being a hero and saving her daddy!

Most important ….She was also the best big sister ever! She helped look after her little sister, Hailey regularly. Even as far as singing in the car to help Hailey to feel better and not cry. It was funny, cuz mommy was singing but not having any luck. And then Paytan chimed in and Hailey fell asleep right away!

Paytan loved to help. She loved to see mommy smile and she always like to be silly.

My baby has been diagnosed with A.L.L. Type B Leukemia

It's only a BAD DAY if you say it is