January 3, 2016

Paytan has gone into liver failure at 11 am this morning ……
Her portacath got infected and when it was flushed during an access the infection spread into her blood stream.
Currently the lab is growing 2 “bugs” in her sample. Have not been identified yet….
Her liver can not do all the jobs it is supposed to do.
She has had multiple platelets, blood, clotting agents and plasma products…. To help her body to fight the infection.
We are flying tonight to Sick kids in TO for her to be assessed for a liver transplant.

view from the helicopter window








January 4, 2016

I soooo wished that Paytan was awake for the helicopter ride…. because for soooo many months we watched it coming and going from our penthouse suite at CHEO…. She would been soooo excited!! I took a few pictures for her to see when she wakes up.
Paytan is not doing very well… She is now in acute kidney failure. Her kidneys have been now effected by the infection. When the liver and kidneys stop working the body starts to get backed up with toxins naturally… And being a cancer patient, and having a blood infection… She also has a build up medication she can not metabolize herself.
So…. She is currently being prepped to be put on dialysis.
With this there is the hopes that it will take stress off her kidneys to prevent further damage… And then rid her body of the toxins…. Which will in turn take stress off her liver. The liver is aka strong organ and can repair itself… IF… It doesn’t have to do the jobs too.
All of this…… We are thinking and praying that then the antibiotics will take care of the infections…. The liver can heal and ….. Hopefully her kidneys will start to produce urine again. At this point transplant is not on the table as putting a good liver into a very sick body … Is futile.
IF her liver repairs itself there will be no need for a liver transplant….. And IF the kidneys start to work again… There is no need for a kidney transplant….. We are playing waiting game now.
There was a CT scan of her brain this morning because the build up of liver enzymes were invading her brain causing swelling and causing her to be confused and intensely a danger to herself. She had to be sedated for the helicopter trip to Sick Kids.
She was taken off the sedation last night upon arrival and with her body being septic she has not woken up yet.
Her belly is swelling & badly bruised from the blood and body fluid seepage.
We are waiting to hear the results of the CT scan.