In my dreams…

I saw you in my dreams last night…. so much so I could hear your giggles & belly laughs, your voice, and feel your hugs!!!  I felt you grab my face and pull me close to touch our foreheads and I heard you tell me, “mommy, I love you”….
I woke up looking so forward to holding you in my arms this morning…. only to feel that horrible pain and loss that I can’t run away from!!
But today… I looked into your sister’s eyes and saw your strength and courage within her! Together we remember your presence with smiles and love abound!
You’d be so proud of your sister today… she qualified for 4 events and participated in 3 at track and field!
I believe I saw you last night because it was time to take that step…
I hug your sister for you every day… sometimes more than she wants me to… just like you used to do 😊
I miss you Paytan ❤ forever will I love you!!