I waited so long to have you… you were “My Sunshine”.
When I look at your pictures, I know exactly what was happening at that moment.
I can tell you everything about it.
A year has gone by now and yet time stands still for me. I can reflect on the events that
all lead up to your passing… thinking about the “what ifs”, and mostly the “whys”.
Why did you have to have cancer? Why did you have to have so many complications?
Why did it have to be so bad? And why did you have to pass away?  No answers…
The stillness of the quiet thoughts embrace my fountain of tears.
I love to see my friends and their kids… the same age as my Boo Bear.
I must say I am jealous of their time with their children. Entering into the
teenage years and all the wonders of growing up.
I do so thank God for the time I have to live and share with my youngest daughter.
To watch her growing up to a young, beautiful, smart woman.
Together our heart long for Paytan … together our tears of sadness comfort each other.
And together we will pick ourselves up, carry each other forward…
until we meet again.