New “do”

So, there came that day your hair really started to come out…. and we then got it trimmed so it would be a little easier to manage the clumps. Unfortunately, you were not awake to really enjoy your shorter haircut, as you spent 10 days in I.C.U. But later on as your hair came back… you rocked your short “do”! And your sister really wanted to have the same hair cut as you. Hailey so looked up to you! Momma wasn’t quite ready for you both to have short hair…. lol… I still wanted to braid your “locks”…. but Paytan… guess who’s rocking the short “do” too 😊 my heart skipped a beat this morning when Hailey came out of her room with your head scarf-thingy…. oh my how I see you in your sister!
I miss you Paytan ❤️