June 16 2016

Well… Sitting in the van with the windows down… Waiting to go into the dr. apt.. (Having arrived a bit early)
AND….Today is the VERY FIRST day I have heard a person (lady) read out loud your saying…”it’s only a bad day if you say it is”….
…To her daughter…. And comment … Loud enough for me to hear…..
At first I felt upset, that she would read that and not understand that you wrote it… And then realize that she really had NO idea that you wrote that… And even more important (to me) WHY you wrote it.
Then I felt sad…. That this person would have such a sad out look on her life, that she would be expressing it to her daughter… And to me…. (Cuz I think I was more the intended person to hear her comment).
So, as she passed by me, staring right at me…. I smiled, said pleasantly …”hello”… And that “I hoped her day would become a brighter, better more positive day going forward”….. Her daughter smiled back at me…. And said “thank you”.
Life is definitely what you make of it.
Negativity will always flatten you if you let it.
I choose like you, Paytan & your sister, Hailey…. to have “HAPPY DAYS”.