June 14 2016

This year marks a stepping stone, well at least it would have been a significant stepping stone for my oldest daughter. Graduating from grade 6 and on to middle school in the fall. Her chemo treatments were scheduled to be done January 2017…And then she would have turned a full fledged teenager in April 2017. Babysitting course, guitar lessons, soccer, basketball, track…. Academics….
I look back through your past years and smile big and the tremendous amount you had al ready accomplished in such a short time. The most was your love and compassion. The ability to see past issues, problems, personalities… And into the person’s heart. You are and always will be my hero. My love for keeps growing… Our family holds you close to our hearts.
This is the yearbook page from your school…
“It’s only a bad day if you say it is”…. Baby, your words are the foundation for me ❤️
We love you always xoxoxoxoxoxo