Some days it’s like I’m being crushed from the inside.

Can’t stop my heart from crying, tears pour down like a heavy rain. I can’t catch my breath, gasping in between silent screams.
Roller coaster of emotions flooding my every thought. I’m drowning in my grief.

I know the pain of loosing a sister… the loss of togetherness, a deep bond… my heart aches so very for your sister. I know too well her emptiness. I try so hard to fill that lonely place for her…. but I know that only can you occupy.

Today, for some reason… I’m broken all over again. Lost in my sadness.

I tell God every day to give you my hugs and tell you I love you.
Is it bad… is bad, that when an elderly person has passed away… I do feel sad for her family… but my heart jumps to have thought I could have asked for her to tell you AGAIN… I love you, I miss you….
My Love, My Sunshine ❤️

Tell your Daddy I love him so very much. Tell him all about your beautiful sister and all that you did together her while you were here.