My Grief … Daily

Grief … it hides one day and comes on full force the next.  Makes you feel like your on a never ending roller coaster. 
Grief … the daily realization that you are separated by life and death from your loved one… 
Grief … the ever consuming scream that is so loud it’s silent.
Grief … the gasping for air and not being able to breathe.
Grief … uncontrolled streaming of tears of pain.
Grief … the dark hole that no one understands unless they are there.
Grief … to know that people don’t look at you the same way … and Grief … knowing your life will never be the same again.
Every day my grief walks with me … it reminds me of happy times, full of laughter and giggles…. but … at the same time it brings fountains of tears to my eyes knowing it will never be the same again.